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What does it take to achieve your highest potential in sport?

Not just better, but greatness? By tapping into what the most successful coaches are doing with their athletes. But how do you do that? How can you learn the methods bringing athletes faster, further, and higher? The methods the best Olympic, Professional, Collegiate, World and National Champion Athletes are doing right now? You could try to figure it out on your own… But what if you went right to the source?

The place where elite level coaches are openly sharing the techniques, tools, strategies and exercises that are…

Getting athletes recruited

Developing the pinnacle of athletic performance

And taking athletes to their highest potential

Welcome to The Athlete Summit!
You could always schedule and travel to a weekend event or conference…
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If your athletes play football, soccer, basketball, swim, run track, volleyball, baseball or softball… If you coach power and speed athletes, endurance athletes, or all of the above… You want the knowledge that will bring your program to the next level. The next level is at The Athlete Summit.

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Here are just some of the coaches pulling back the curtain on their training and programming on The Athlete Summit…
Joel Jamieson

Joel Jamieson

Joel is widely considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on strength and conditioning for combat sports and is the new-age godfather in energy system training. In addition to influencing and improving coaches in a multitude of sports around the world, Joel has personally trained over a dozen world champion athletes as well as consulting and working with many elite organizations ranging from the Navy SEALS to professional sports teams. He is the best-selling author of Ultimate MMA Conditioning and creator of the BioForce HRV system, which is used by athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLS, UFC, NCAA, and professional sports programs across the world.

Lee Taft

Lee Taft

Lee is known as “The Speed Guy” and highly respected as one of the world’s most elite athletic movement specialists. From youth up to professional and Olympic athletes, Lee has been developing groundbreaking speed in athletes for over 25 years. His methodologies, exercises, and drills are so effective at developing linear speed and multi-directional quickness, he is continuously being hired by elite athletic performance facilities, universities and professional teams around the world to come and train their coaches on his principles of speed training. Through his coaching, consulting, and his speed training products, thousands and thousands of athletes everywhere are now faster, stronger, injury resistant, making Lee the world’s authority in speed training.

Bob Seebohar

Bob Seebohar

Coach Bob is a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, the former Director of Sports Nutrition for the University of Florida and a Team USA 2008 Olympic sport dietitian. Bob has worked with an incredible number of athletes in nearly every sport imaginable, including triathlon, track and field, marathon, mountain biking, road and track cycling, cross country, swimming, football, tae kwon do, motocross, tennis, wrestling, weightlifting, rowing, skeleton, sailing, canoeing, kayaking and even NASCAR. Bob has a bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sports Science, a master's degree in Health and Exercise Science, a second master's degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition, is a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a High Performance Triathlon Coach. Bob currently consults as a sport dietitian for US Sailing (Olympic and Paralympic sailors), the USA Triathlon National Team and is one of the very few Sport Dietitians in the country who specializes in developmental athletes.

Kelly Starrett

Kelly Starrett

Kelly is a coach, physical therapist, speaker, and the New York Times Best-Selling author behind Becoming a Supple Leopard, Ready to Run and Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition.  Kelly uses performance-based Orthopedic Sports Medicine to help athletes return to elite level sport performance and believes all human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves. Kelly’s clients have included Olympic gold-medalists, Tour de France cyclists, world and national record holding Olympic Lifters, Crossfit Games medalists, ballet dancers, and military personnel. Did we mention he’s a World Championship athlete?

Dr. Jim Afremow

Dr. Jim Afremow

Jim is a much sought-after mental training coach, licensed professional counselor, and the author of a book that should be mandatory reading for every athlete, coach, and parent; The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train and Thrive. For over 15 years, Jim has provided individual and team mental training services across the globe, over a wide range of sports, athletes, teams, and coaches in high school, collegiate, professional, and Olympic  ranks, including the MLB, NBA, WNBA, PGA, LPGA, NHL, NFL and was the mental coach for the Greek Olympic softball team and India’s Olympic field hockey team. Jim served as a senior staff member with Counseling Services and Sports Medicine at Arizona State University, is a member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, the American Counseling Association, and the Arizona Psychoanalytic Society, as well as having publications in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Olympic Coach Magazine, and as an expert blogger for Psychology Today.

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