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Tanner Gers

Tanner Gers

Host of The Athlete Summit

Tanner Gers is a published author, speaker, US Paralympian, host of The Athlete Summit, and has been featured in various media outlets such as, The Super Strength Show, Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, and Wellness Force Radio. As a motivational speaker, he consults and speaks for corporate and educational clients as well as consulting individuals for nutrition, fitness, and sports performance goals. Supporting the community is a high priority for Tanner, which is why he has also worked with disabled youth and adults through organizations such as Easter Seals, the Foundation for Blind Children, and Wounded Warrior Project. Tanner created The Athlete Summit as part of his mission in helping millions of people across the world achieve their true greatness in life, regardless of circumstance.

Tanner has been a competitive, multi-sport athlete his entire life, but was in a tragic auto accident at age 21, breaking his back, shattering his face, and ultimately losing his vision. Even though he was lucky to even be alive, Tanner was motivated to not be defined by his disability. He picked himself back up, learned how to live life as a blind man, and returned to finish college.

4 years later, Tanner learned about blind baseball through a story broadcast by his local news station. Thinking that part of his life was over, Tanner returned to the field of play in the summer of 2008. In 2010, Tanner learned about Paralympic sport, started running track in 2011, and made the US National Para Track and Field Team later that year.

He was the 2011 Para Pan American Gold Medalist in the long jump, the 2012 US Paralympic trials gold medalist, 2012 Paralympian and 2013 World Championship Team Member all for the long jump and the 4X100m relay team. Injuries and surgeries have limited Tanner’s ability to train in 2014 and 2015, but he’s on a mission of achieving greatness in 2016 and beyond.

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With the desire to make the knowledge, expertise, and training methods being used by Olympic, professional, elite, collegiate, and the best high school programs across the world available to the coaches and athletes committed to stepping into their true greatness, The Athlete Summit was created. Of course, the best training methods and programming are mandatory for greatness, but the mission of The Athlete Summit is to go deep into every aspect of athletic greatness. From the nutrition to mindset, how to manage injuries or get out of slumps to the focus needed to handle the pressures of performance, developing jaw-dropping speed, vertical jumping power, strength, muscle, and unrelenting conditioning are all stepping stones to greatness included in your membership with The Athlete Summit.

Everything needed for reaching the pinnacle of performance, the Summit on and off the field, is included right here on The Athlete Summit. With an affordable, 1-time investment, you get lifetime access to every coach and athlete presentation, plus immediate access to every future presentation at no additional charge. Once you’ve invested in your greatness, we remain invested in helping you develop greatness for life.

We’re ready to build greater athletes. So, let’s learn from the greatest coaches in the industry! And the greats are on The Athlete Summit…

Plus, IYCA professionals receive 6 CEU’s along with your membership with The Athlete Summit