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Dr. Fred Hatfield

Dr. Fred Hatfield |

Dr. Fred Hatfield, dubbed Dr. Squat by his college graduate students, is one of the world’s greatest authorities on strength development and one of the most sought out consultants for developing athletes for the Olympics, baseball, football, wrestling, and powerlifting. He’s personally set multiple world records in the… You guessed it, the squat, including squatting 835lbs at just 181lbs and 1014lbs at 255lbs! He’s also a 3-time world champion power lifter, setting over 30 US national and world records across 5 weight divisions, and even was on the 1998 US Masters World Powerlifting team, all solidifying his induction into the Power Lifting Hall of Fame in 2000. Dr. Squat is more than just a power lifter. He’s also an US Marine, accomplished collegiate gymnast, 4-sport athlete every year through high school, has over 300 articles and 60 books published, launched and was the editor in chief for Men’s Fitness magazine, co-founded the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and currently serves as their President, and still performs lectures across the world.

Recommended Book: Power: A Scientific Approach

Interview with Dr. Fred Hatfield

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