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Jim Kielbaso

Jim Kielbaso

Jim is the Director of Total Performance Training Center in Wixom Michigan, and has worked with thousands of athletes from the Olympics, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA, high school, and down to the youth level. He is the co-founder of and Jim has also published the speed program, Ultimate Speed Development, and the acclaimed book, Ultimate Speed and Agility, which are both used by coaches and programs across the world. Kielbaso is such an authority on speed development, the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA), enlisted him to write their curriculum for their Certified Speed and Agility Specialist program. More recently, Jim has been especially successful at preparing college football players for the NFL Combine and NFL Pro Day, helping prevent great players from being passed up, and instead helping them stand out and sign contracts.

His book, Ultimate Speed and Agility

Jim Recommends 2 books:

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