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Josh Bryant

Josh Bryant

Not long ago, Josh Bryant was a professional powerlifter and World’s Strongest Man, with totals reaching 2300lbs, many National and World titles to his name, and was also the youngest person to ever bench 600lbs raw at age 22. Now, he has a Master’s in Exercise Science, his CSCS, the prestigious title of Master of Fitness Sciences, is the ISSA Director of Applied Strength and Power Development, and is currently getting professional to developmental athletes incredibly strong in-person, through online coaching, and his publications as a best-selling author. Josh openly shares his methodology surrounding the Josh Strength Method, which he developed through his extensive education, mentorships, and nearly 2 decades of in the trenches experience.

Josh recommends 2 books:

Powerlifting: A Scientific Approach

Bodybuilding: A Scientific Approach

His 2 books:

Jailhouse Strong: Interval Training

Jailhouse Strong: The Successful Mindset Manual