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Wil Fleming

Wil Fleming

Wil Fleming is the owner of Force Fitness and Performance, an accomplished expert on developing explosive athletes, and is quite the explosive athlete himself. He’s an Olympic Trialist, All-American, and set the Indiana University school record all for the hammer throw. If that wasn’t enough, Wil is a junior national Olympic lifting champion and has been a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center for the same sport. Wil is also the International Youth Conditioning Association’s (IYCA). Director of Sports Performance, creating and contributing to multiple IYCA certifications, and is a sought after lecturer and coach by organizations across Europe, the US, and by the United States Olympic Committee. Even though he’s been in business for just 7 years, he’s helped 75 athletes sign D1 scholarships, over 200 athletes play their sport of choice in college, and built a brand new, state of the art facility for the new home of Force Fitness and Performance in Bloomington Indiana. His methods for developing powerful, explosive athletes are covered in detail inside the Complete Olympic Lifting DVD and most recently in a mandatory athletic development text, Complete Olympic Lifting Handbook.

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